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Rampura Sprouted Ragi Flour - (Pack of 2x300g)

rampura sprouted ragi flour pack
Rampura Sprouted Ragi Flour - (Pack of 2x300g)
Rampura Sprouted Ragi Flour - (Pack of 2x300g)
600 gram box of sprouted ragi flour
Rampura Sprouted Ragi Flour - (Pack of 2x300g)
Rampura Sprouted Ragi Flour - (Pack of 2x300g)

Rampura Sprouted Ragi Flour - (Pack of 2x300g)

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Buy Sprouted Ragi Flour Online

Sprouted Ragi is nothing but Ragi grains germinated in an environment of increased humidity. Sprouted Ragi has immense nutritional benefits. It increases the calcium potency of Ragi by 20% and its iron by 10%. This process of sprouting also enhances the multi-vitamins and minerals in the regular Ragi grains making it the ideal nutritional and fibre rich diet to consume. The palatability and digestibility of sprouted Ragi is such that it is even used in traditional baby foods in India. Hence sprouted Ragi can easily be classified as a super food across all age groups and genders.

How to sprout Ragi?

The process of sprouting Ragi grains is simple and can be done at home. It may take over a few hours to a day to have your own hygienic and healthy sprouts. Follow these steps to make your own Ragi sprouts:

  1. Wash the Ragi grains thoroughly under running water from the kitchen tap.
  2. Pour the wet Ragi grains on a clean cloth laid on a large shallow tray
  3. Spread the Ragi grains with your hands on to a thin layer on the cloth
  4. Let the water be drained. Cover the spread Ragi grains with a fine muslin cloth.
  5. Place a folded heavy kitchen towel over the muslin cloth
  6. Place the tray in a warm area of the kitchen for over a day
  7. You will see the Ragi grains sprouting after a few hours to a day.

Benefits of Sprouted Ragi flour

Sprouted Ragi flour has increased protein, dietary fiber, and enhanced iron bioavailability when compared to plain Ragi flour. Apart from this it also has the following benefits:

  • Enhances calcium and iron absorption in the body and thus helps people suffering from anaemia
  • Aids better digestion.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels as it is low on glycaemic index
  • It is the best form of gluten-free diet along with being rich in fibre and nutrition
  • It is the safest and the most nutritional weaning diet for babies.

Sprouted Ragi Flour Nutrition

Recommended calorie consumption for a day is a maximum of 2000 calories, of which if you were to consume sprouted Ragi for one meal then 100gms of sprouted Ragi would contribute to 369 calories. Of the 369 calories 22gms consumption would be sodium, 0 cholesterol, 82gms of carbs, 16gms of proteins and 1gm of monosaturated fat etc. This evidently is the best balanced diet plan possible in one single meal.

Sprouted Ragi Uses

Sprouted Ragi is rich in amino acid methionine which is totally lacking in the staple rice and wheat daily diets. Amino acids are critical for brain functions and are very important for all age groups, developing babies and the elderly included.

Sprouted Ragi is the safest and the most nutritious food for babies on a weaning diet from breast milk. Through the developmental stages of the baby to a toddler, sprouted Ragi is the healthiest and longest companion on the diet and growth chart of babies.

Sprouted Ragi for babies is best consumed as a soft solid or a porridge with additional ingredients such as Ghee and sugar which can be spoon-fed to a toothless mouth in small quantities. For teenagers to adults they can be used in the form of millet shake or thin gruels of about 300ml. For diabetics and the elderly, sprouted Ragi is best consumed as thin and hot gruel.


Does Ragi increase weight?

No. Ragi does not increase weight. Ragi is a low calorie and gluten-free grain which makes it an ideal choice for weight-loss and weight management.

What are the side effects of Ragi?

Ragi has a tendency to increase oxalic acid when consumed in large quantities which is not advisable for people with kidney stone or history of urinary calculi as it.

Can we eat Ragi Sprouts?

Ideally Ragi Sprouts are best consumed as preparations made out of dried and powdered flour.

What is Sprouted Ragi Flour?

Sprouted Ragi flour is a flour made out of grinding dried Sprouted Ragi grains.

Is sprouted Ragi Good for babies?

Yes, sprouted Ragi is ideal for babies that are being weaned out of breast milk.

What are the benefits of Ragi Flour?

Ragi flour benefits can run into pages. To summarize and highlight the most sought out benefits, Ragi flour is gluten-free and low calorie flour that can contribute to protein, fibre, iron, Calcium and Magnesium and many other vitamins, minerals and nutrient daily needs of the body. It is an ideal and vital ingredient of a diet intended for weight management, cholesterol management, diabetes management and overall developmental needs of a babies.

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