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Dried kiwi fruit is an ideal alternative to the luscious, sweet and juicy, fresh kiwi fruit. It is not practical to eat a fresh Kiwi fruit when on the go whereas, the benefits of Kiwi fruit are many and can be included into the regular diet when dried and packaged for a longer storage time. It is also much easier and less messy to pop in a slice of dried Kiwi fruit into the mouth at work place, when driving or just in your living room too rather than the fresh fruit. This fruit is low in fat, low in calories and rich in minerals and fibre. Caution should be exercised so as to not over indulge as it is high in sugar.

How dried Kiwi is made?

  • Slice the Kiwi fruit into about ¼” thick and round slices.
  • Place these Kiwi slices on a cookie sheet and in a pre-heated oven
  • Let the slice be placed in the oven for at least 3-4 hours
  • Check from time to time after 3 hours to ensure the Kiwi slices don’t turn too dry and crispy, as that would deplete the fruit of all nutrients.

Dried Kiwi Recipes

  • Make a crispy in the oven and munch on it in the snack time
  • Pop in some dry kiwi slices straight from the pack of to kill the odd time hunger
  • Chew on a slice if you are feeling your sugar levels going low
  • Add a few strips of the dried Kiwi fruit into your morning cereal bowl

Dried Kiwi for Weight loss

Kiwi is also loaded with vitamin C and contains natural enzymes that help the body digest protein. A dried Kiwi fruit serving may be higher in calories than the fresh ones especially since most dried Kiwis are covered in sugar. Despite this a serving of dried kiwi fruit is a good option for snacking for the ones aiming at weight loss; The popular diets suggest eating at least 100 calories for between-meal snacks.

How many kiwis to eat?

Eat at least one kiwi fruit a day but do not eat more than three.

Dried Kiwi Nutrition

In a Dried Kiwi fruit weighing nearly 90 gms, the energy (calories) would be 42.1, carbohydrates 10.1 gms, sugar 6.2 gms, fibre 2.1 gms, calcium 23.5 mg and 11.7 mg of magnesium

Kiwi Dry Fruit Benefits 

  • Dried kiwi fruits are helpful in preventing Asthma
  • Dried Kiwi fruits help to reduce blood clots. Hence it is beneficial for people suffering with Deep Vein Thrombosis, Varicose veins, persons prone to any kind of haemorrhage etc.
  • Dried Kiwi fruits help to boost the immune system.
  • Dried Kiwi fruits are beneficial in regulating blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and stroke
  • Dried Kiwis are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein which help to avoid muscular degeneration of the eyes and thus protect the vision in the long term.

Note: Diabetics and people who have a history of allergy to Kiwi fruits should avoid dried Kiwi fruits.

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