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Buy Ajwa Dates Online

Finest Ajwa Dates from Saudi Arabia. So beneficial that even its seeds are used for medicinal preparations. Dates are packed with a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients that can be extremely helpful to overall and general health.

Ajwa Dates are delightfully soft and fruity, quite dark in color. • Ajwa Dates regulate blood pressure and help in kidneys function. • Calcium which is good for bone and teeth is found in the Ajwa dates. • Eating Ajwa dates daily is well known for protection against diseases like atherosclerosis which is a leading factor in most heart attacks and strokes. • Dates help pacifies any feelings of hunger as the nutrition from the dates is being absorbed. Ajwa Dates are also one of the most versatile foods that help with the digestive process. The high fibre in dates help to regulate bowel movements and help to be rid of constipation and other bowel disorders.

Dates are rich in fibre and carbohydrates which makes it the healthiest of dry fruits.

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