Our Brands

Our Wellness Journey is enriched due to our association with the following brands that are incomparable in terms of their respective product quality:

Most of our millets, dry fruits, nuts and oils are sold under this brand  

For products which don’t have anything else except the fruit or its essence. Eg., Sundried mangoes, raisins, pears, apples, date syrup, dates, etc,.

Authentic and organic dairy products derived from Desi breeds of Cows and Buffaloes.

Authentic honey, both mono flora and multiflora and honey related products sourced across India directly through certified channels and professionals are marketed under this brand. We also make allied products like walnuts in honey, honey gulkhand, Bee pollen, Bee wax based soaps, etc,.

Logo of AYU wellness and health supplements Health supplements, energy boosters, wellness products are marketed under this brand to keep us fit and healthy
HAPPYNESS Gifting brand focused at personal gifts, wellness gifts, return gifts and corporate gifting