About us

About Mymillets

Do you know that reason behind most of the diseases these days is due to our lifestyle and our unhealthy diet? Many dreadful diseases like cancer are due to grave imbalance of our diet. We wanted to do our bit to change this. Simple changes in our diet and lifestyle will take us a long way.

Mymillets came into existence with a vision to provide 100% natural products we use in our daily lives. Mymillets’ aim is to provide every product that helps maintain good health and fitness of a family. We are a direct-to-consumer (D2C) company, wherein we procure directly from the source, process the raw material, pack the goods and ship the goods directly to the consumer, promising reliability, affordability and quality. 

Mymillets shows a healthier alternative to every product an individual uses from dawn to dusk. Whether your goal is to maintain a healthy weight, better skin, or regular bowel movement, we deliver 100% natural products to meet your everyday needs. For most of the products, In this process. there are no middle men involved enabling us to maintain the quality and keep the products affordable.

Mymillets is trying to build TRUST and AWARENESS around the natural foods.


D2C: Mymillets  is a Direct-to-Consumer platform (D2C) where the products are directly sold to customers online.

No Middlemen: We procure products directly either from the producer or the importer thus avoiding middlemen and other possible quality and consistency issues.

Cost Advantage: Procured products are cleaned, packed and delivered by us with the help of partners where required. This process has enabled us bring down the cost and the same is being passed on to customers

Chemical free: Clean, unadulterated food being delivered at reasonable rates to our customers.

Better realization: We are doing our best to get many organic farmers mainstream providing them better realization in terms of rates and market sales.


We are a highly ambitious team of experienced professionals with a collective experience of over 30 years in the agri commodity business, preventive healthcare and fitness. 

Our company name is registered as Shobhana Sireesh Katta & our Brand name is MyMillets.