Ragi Roti : Recipe and more

Ragi aka Finger Millets is a well known grain throughout India and has been used since ancient times. Ragi is also known as Kelvargu (in Tamil), Ragulu (in Telugu), Ragi (in Kannada), and Koovarugu (in Malayalam). Finger millet flour is a healthier alternative to commonly available wheat flour. Finger millets are gluten free and enriched with essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Finger millet (Ragi) is rich in calcium and contains about 10 times more calcium than of white rice or wheat. Ragi is good for diabetes patients as it has a low glycemic index hence it is slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised and causes a lower and slower rise in blood glucose. It also helps in lowering cholesterol level.

Benefits of eating Ragi

There are various recipes available for making ragi roti, here we tell you three recipes for making Ragi Roti. To make Ragi roti you need a cup of ragi flour and half a cup of boiling water. One cup (approx. 200ml) of Ragi flour should make 3 to 4 Ragi Rotis. The ratio between flour and water remains 2:1 i.e. for every two parts of flour only one part of boiling water is needed. Do remember we need to mix boiling water with flour to make a dough such that the dough is of uniform consistency. Do remember to keep a bit of dry flour aside for dusting. 

Ingredients for making Ragi Roti

Now, for the first recipe all you'll need is boiling water and Ragi flour, and may be a pinch of salt if at all you wanna add. The first recipe is perfect for Diabetes patients who have been told to stay away from fats.
For the second recipe, you need to include a tsp of desi ghee for making the dough and then a bit for greasing later on for making a chapati/Parantha.
With the third recipe we will go all in with a medium size onion chopped in small pieces, a chopped green chilli and a bit of green coriander leaves.

Steps for making Ragi Roti:

Approx Preparation time: 15 mins

Approx Cooking Time: 5 mins

        In a mixing bowl put the Ragi flour along with other ingredients mentioned above. Slowly pour the boiling water and mix the ingredients with a mixing spoon or spatula to create dough. While creating the dough do remember to keep mixing while pouring the boiling water so flour lumps are not present in the dough and the dough is of uniform consistency. Create small balls of the dough and using your hands make flat chappati of each dough. Now you may either put a bit of desi ghee on a hot tawa. Place the flat rolled dough on the hot tawa and roast both the sides.


Tada!!! Your Ragi roti is ready to be devoured. 

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